summer vacation has officially commenced

{swimming today at Nana & Baca’s house..which may have included some red shoulders after it was all said and done}
Pls. excuse the blog silence. It has been the last week of school for us which for some reason has added a few extra activities here and there…some may have been extra-curricular I admit. Anyway summer vacation has officially started today and we couldn’t be any happier to not have such a rigid schedule.
Summertime for us here in the desert means that sometimes even the pool gets too warm. When that happens then it is time to hit the road to avoid being trapped in air-conditioned buildings at all times. Last year I swore I was going to leave for most of the summer so we will see where we end up summer 2011.
Do you all have any fun summer plans?
P.S. – This is HUGE that I have hit the season in life that I finally feel comfortable enough to take the kids to the pool all by myself…even if at times there were more kicks than giggles if you know what I mean


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