‘American Idol’ recap: Scotty and Lauren duke it out

Janell reports from her vacation — again — on the final performance episode of this season of American Idol. Take it away, Janell:

Finale time! It must almost be summer! I will once again (and for perhaps the last time) overshare in this recap. I’m on vacation again, in another hotel room with a good old cathode ray tube TV and no DVR. My kids are taking a bath in the next room and will shortly come out to interrupt me, so I may miss something. But I’ll pre-summarize: Scotty and Lauren sang. And I mean that as in, “They can sang,” ‘cause they’re country, not like, “They sang a song.” Does that make sense?  In a print ad for The Voice, Cee Lo Green was making the distinction between sing and sang (he can sang, fyi). Should I cross-promote another singing show? I guess I just did.

So, the judges come out. Steven Tyler is wearing a collage of brown, Jennifer Lopez is sparkling in emerald green, and I didn’t get a good glimpse of Randy Jackson but it’s a brownish suede jacket, not a cardigan. They don’t seem extra-fancy for the finale, but Ryan 
Seacrest is wearing a tuxedo. Oh hey, did you know they’re in the Nokia theater? It holds 7,000 people. Ryan describes the contest as “boy next door versus the Southern belle.” Why can’t Lauren be the girl next door?

Oh, controversy! Ryan says that earlier in the day Lauren was having voice troubles. He asks her about it, and she gently defers, saying she’s fine. But he pushes it, brings out a doctor who explains that she sprained a vocal cord during rehearsal because she was trying so darn hard to sing her best. Dr. Man says that they gave her a lot of medicine. Maybe this will be interesting.

Source: http://weblogs.baltimoresun.com/entertainment/realitycheck/blog/2011/05/american_idol_recap_scotty_and_lauren_duke_it_out.html

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