Emerald Rings Under $100: Five Top Picks

If you feel discouraged in thinking you can’t find a emerald ring for under $100.00 then you need to read this post, stat! We’ve found five truly pretty emerald rings that are all under that pricetag. Sometimes it’s sale ring, sometimes it’s a lab-created emerald, or sometimes it’s just a lucky find! Either way, I can’t emphasize enough how much you should pick a ring you’ll want to wear the most – not just what is most affordable. You’d rather have one great ring than two “okay-ish” rings, right? It just makes sense. And Emerald make sense for May-born babies, as it’s your birthstone. Most of the emerald rings I picked are pretty fancy, although the second and fifth rings are more simple and casual. My favorite is the third, because I like the way the ring is designed with that swaying or curved look to it. It’s affordable because it’s a perfect, lab-created emerald with sterling silver rather than white gold. Five Emerald Rings Under 100 Pear-Shaped Lab-Created Emerald Ring in Sterling Silver with Diamond Accents Orig. $79.00 Now on Sale $67.15 from Zales, HERE Silver Hand Hammered Ring with a Faceted Emerald Ring $49.50 from Etsy, HERE Sterling … Continue reading

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