a blast from my past (Keri Russell)

On the last day of school before Keri moved away my buddy Newly wrote in my yearbook, “Pls. tell Keri I will never forget her”. I smile at that now because I am pretty sure anybody who went to Kino Jr. High back in the day has not forgotten Keri. Keri and I spent our last project in school that year as partners for a science project. Bless her heart, she never wanted to get in trouble by talking in class but didn’t want to make me feel bad either because I had a chatty habit (sorry Mom). Lots of great memories of growing up and birthday slumber parties with our little group of girl friends. We may have even had a dance off after we all watched Sarah Jessica Parker in “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”..do you remember that one? Keri was always one of the nicest ones around and a friend to all. Anyway it has been fun to follow her along on her career. After I saw her home in Elle Decor I thought, “Well that makes sense”. I think her personal fashion style translates into her home.Photobucket
Like her chandelier…then may I suggest an affordable option here or here (oh shoot that second one is not exactly budget friendly..I will keep looking).

To see more of Keri’s home go here.

Source: http://vivafullhouse.blogspot.com/2011/05/blast-from-my-past-keri-russell.html

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