Vintage 365: Vintage Love Magazine cover sparkles with beauty and appeal

? Day 42 of Vintage 365 ?


Take a look at this immensely pretty cover, illustrated with the utmost of artistic skill and teaming with enchanting vintage beauty, and tell me that magazines weren’t about a billion times more visually appealing sixty years ago? 🙂

Though "Love Magazine" isn’t a title that I’m very familiar with (I think it may have previously been called Love Novels), it seems to have been one of the plethora of glossies (of the day) that were devoted to fictional love stories (which it makes it all the more awesome this week, given that we’re just three days away from Valentine’s).

I Google the four writers names that appear on the cover, but my searches didn’t turn up any pages that revealed more about who these women were (it would have been great to find out if any of those were nom de plumes!). If you happen to know more about Love Magazine or any of the writers mentioned on this cover, please feel free to share your knowledge in the comment section.

No bother in the least though, I always adore looking at vintage magazine covers (this particular one hails from the stellar Flickr stream of x-ray delta one, which is a treasure trove of awesome vintage images), even if what I gather from that cover page alone is possibly all I’ll ever know about it. The artwork, fonts, and colours alone are priceless portals back in time to the years of the 40s and 50s, when gorgeously illustrated titles like Love Magazine could be found at any corner news agent stand, five and dime, or corner store.


nicole richie kendra wilkinson halle berry whitney port

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