‘Live to Dance’ recap: First group of semifinalists perform

Janell is back to get down with the get down on tonight’s Live to Dance:

Are you or have you been snowed in? Perhaps some heartwarming dance will warm your cockles tonight. Guess what? The show is live! Presumably on the East Coast, not where I am. I hope nothing scandalous has been edited out for the West Coast feed.

Tonight, six acts will perform, and two will make it to the finals. Much like the dance off, or, actually, exactly like the dance off, the judges will choose one act and the People of America will choose the other. Do the judges not trust the People of America to vote correctly? Like last week, they didn’t trust that we would fall for the cuteness and charm of Kendall, so they kept her for us. Hmm.

Our host, Andrew Gunsberg (with the two dots over the U that I don’t know how to make) is all giddy. I think we’re still in the Dance Dome, because the audience isn’t huge. But there’s no ramp up to the stage, and Andrew doesn’t say “Welcome to the Dance Dome, People of America,” so maybe they’re trying to fool us without lying to us. They’d better not lie to the People of America, because we have 50% of the power. By the way, Commenter Toeknee said last week that Andrew was the host of Australian Idol. Thanks, Toeknee, now we can place that accent. I guess he’s not a complete beginner.

Source: http://weblogs.baltimoresun.com/entertainment/realitycheck/blog/2011/01/live_to_dance_recap_first_group_of_semifinalists_perform.html

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