Happy weekend!


Not to get all ayurvedic on you but I have been trying so hard to be careful on what we are taking into our bodies over here….including things that may come way via the ears as well. I’ve had to bite my tongue hard a few times this last week just so that my kids had a better chance of being in a place that would ensue better health to the mind, body and spirit/consciousness…”laughing”..I am half joking and half amused at myself because I just half quoted part of the definition in wikepedia & being ayervedic is kind of an inside joke between a good friend & I… You see one time my friend got really stressed and picked up smoking again so trying not to crack a smile I said, “Tori, is that a very ayervedic thing to do?” Tori taught me about ayerveda so hence the teasing ensues whenever she does something that goes against it…(love ya Tor). Good thing I don’t have anything she could tease me about:-)

Speaking of health, do you want to know where I have been getting some of my recipes lately? Bob’s Red Mill.


I randomly went onto their website and found a huge recipe bank. The thing that was cool about it was that I could search by the ingredients that I already have at home and then it would give me recipes to use. For example I had creamy brown rice farina and I found the best griddle cakes using cooked brown rice cereal. Want to try it..go here.

Recent happy moments include:

– Hide and seek
– Kids who obviously think that just because you can’t see them means you can’t hear them either. I was dying at all of the cuteness in their giggles.
– Fluffy chard from Mom and Dad’s garden.
– Good memories because of Dad’s sculpture that he made in college (use to be inside as part of the home decor when I was a small child).
– Still can’t believe how excited I get after each time I buy my kind of food at the store (as opposed to husbands kind of food:-). Some of my favorite things..nuts, seeds and grains.
– Continuing to practice shooting my camera in manual (as seen with the picture with the house plant on a stand). Note to self: KEEP PRACTICING.

Have a happy weekend!!!

Source: http://vivafullhouse.blogspot.com/2011/01/happy-weekend.html

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